You lost a loyal customer today

Hi. I’ve been a loyal Forza enthusiast since the very beginning. I’ve bought all of your games, save 5 since I don’t have an Xbone yet.

I am writing to inform you that Turn 10 has lost my trust, and I will never spend another hard earned dollar on any of your games.

I picked up Forza 4 about a month ago. Yeah, I was late to the party, whatever. Last week I uploaded my first vinyl groups to my storefront. I’m fully aware of the Code of Conduct and have ALWAYS abided by it. My vinyls were simple designs - hazard stickers, street signs, etc. No nudity, no racism, no foul language.

So imagine my surprise to log on a couple of days later to see that every single upload had been flagged and was “under review.”

No big deal I thought. I did nothing wrong, probably just a jealous player who didn’t want competition. I figured the powers that be would spot the error and my uploads would be cleared eventually.

NOPE! Logged on yesterday morning to find I’ve been slapped with a seven day storefront and auction house ban! I have never been banned from any game, ever. So I was pretty shocked. I play clean and folow the rules, so what gives?

I sent an email to Turn 10 yesterday, got the lame auto response and nothing more. I know, I know: they get tons.of emails. Whatever.

Turn 10 needs to make this right by me ASAP or lose a valued, lifelong customer.

Bans are for violations of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct as administered by Turn 10, and simple “funny” things like equating someone’s Mother being “Rated E for Everyone” is certainly an insult and a violation.

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct by Turn 10 are discussed on these forums. You may write Turn 10 at, if you wish.