You have to be kidding me! (Take a look at this...)

Really 16k CR Top Prize! wow…


Lol, I haven’t seen that one yet. :smiley:

I see nothing wrong… It’s a classic Beetle. It’s priceless… :slight_smile:


i give up with these driver spins…

Haha…I won that prize also! I actually don’t mind though, another car for my collection.

Got the same wheel spin today and hit the Beetle since I already have the car I took 16K in credits instead.

Got that one as well, also won the Beetle. Seems I can’t win a high level spin for the life of me, but I win every single car when it’s a “special prize” spin. Odd.

Idk about you, regardless or value that’s one awesome car

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It’s Herbie!

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Nothing more intense than one-make stock Beetle races around the Nur…

No, seriously.

Why is everyone pointing and laughing?

Oh, the heck with this!..

I think it’s kinda cool lol

That is hilarious! Love the spins personally. Add’s that little extra touch to collecting cars.

i think I got this with my level 45 or 50 spin. the good part is this is the lowest value top prize.

Oh well I don’t even use them tbh.

Lol I got the Beetle as well

I got the bugatti veyron on my second spin :wink:

BTW if you watch it the boxs change until you press the A button then it locks those boxs until it picks one

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I just got that also… why are people complaining about free money and cars


I lol’d when I won that for the level 50 spin - touché T10 …

I for one am not complaining by any means, just noticing a very unusual pattern considering it’s all supposedly “random” lol.

Thats awesome.I want it.I had 4 of them growing up in high school.