you account has been tampered with ( triple screen forza 4 )

so last week i bought all dlc for forza 4 on my triple screen setup .
i had to put all dlc on all 3 xbox 360’s , but now when i try to log in it says my account is tampered with …

i do the boot sequence as discribed ,
my ms account is on all 3 xboxes ,
i boot leftconsole untill logged in and get the connecting screen ,
boot right console untill logged in and auto logged out on the left and get to the connecting screen ,
boot middle console , log in , all consoles are connected .

then when i wanna play it says my account is tampered with …

i have had contact with ms yesterday , but my account is ok on ms’s side , told me to contact turn 10.

its a pretty expensive setup so i would really like to play my game .

thanks in advance .


try these steps to see if it helps
Delete profile
Clear Cache
Restart console
Redownload profile
Launch game

if that dont work then sounds like your main save has corrupted only way to fix the issue is deleting your save game and starting again

thanks , i will give it a go tomorrow ,i hopr there is a solution without deleting my gamesave …