Yabbaz Livery Gallery

Wassup guys? Been playing Forza since Forza 4… but I haven’t been big into creating my own liveries from scratch. I was used to just making my own using some base logos and stuff like that. I am starting to make some custom ones now just for fun.

My name is Matt, I’ve been out of video gaming for a little while, but Horizon 2 has currently rekindled that fire (for what could possibly be a week) and here are some liveries and designs I have made from scratch. You guys may have seen my custom Porsche/RUF Gulf Livery (currently the only one in existence to my knowledge, even though it wont let me share it) http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst25527_Gulf-Porsche-RUF-Livery.aspx


Gulf RUF RT12 S


Made the best available Batman logo tonight and tossed it on a few cars. Will tweak the designs later, just threw some stuff together real quick.

Batman Bentley GT

Batman Lamborghini Huracan

More to come…

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i love the RUF, verry nice !

Thanks! I wish I could share it online… I’d enjoy it a lot more then

Don’t know if you guys are familiar with UGR (Underground Racing) but I have just recreated their logo today. There is another that is similar, but not completely correct. I also tossed together a simple woody paint job for the VW bus. The bus is simple and not really worth posting up, but I am slowly working on some more designs.

I made a few UGR Lamborghini’s today.

Woody Bus