XxDeLegendxX Battle Thread

I’m making this thread only to get better on the controller. I really don’t care what track. Practice just makes perfect. This is for fun also, so if you’re in, just hit up my thread and pick which track. We’ll discuss time and day in pm or party due to my work schedule.

I’m down for some friendly battles. ~ Leader of Project T.
Add me.

I’ll send you a request as soon as I’m home

Im down DeLegend, will let you pick the section as im not fussed at all. End of the day its all competitive fun and friendly encounters

Sorry I haven’t got back to y’all, I’m on leave right now. Bout time I get off leave, I go to the field for a week. So I won’t really be on til the week after next.

This guy

Spawn, wassup man?

I’m down add me for reg tandems or just drift lobbies