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Hey, after a week of loving the game I’ve managed to pull myself away from driving and have a go at photo mode. Here’s my first attempt at Forzatography and I can see this being another time sink; what a gloriously detailed and beautiful virtual world we inhabit. Unfortunately I’ve only seen the rain once so haven’t had any good photo opportunities with that yet.

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Couple of photos of my new Carrera, my childhood dream car!

Carerra road trip up the mountain…

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This game world is just something else… <3

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This is a great concept, would be really cool to see as a vertical shot!

Really good ones!

The Carerra Shots are nice, especially the one through the railing and the puddle reflection. Nice concepts and execution

A few more from my gallery, though I confess the rally shot is not me; someone came flying through the speed zone and I managed to grab them mid-air!

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Ah, I see I’m not the only one mountain-goating up the cliffs! Try climbing with the Unimog, it’s so fun, especially if you fail, that thing falls so hard and flies so far I damn near sh*t myself laughing!

Awesome gallery so far.

These stand out to me most so far.

I like the Porsche shot, but did you know you can move the watermark? I forget which button it is, but after you take a shot it should come up in the UI at the bottom. Don’t let that watermark interfere with your good work!

Yes thanks, will remember to do that in future. I often forget to move it to the best position, and some times it doesn’t look right in any corner.

A few new ones from the weekend. I really like how the tyre marks worked out on the B&W photo, and perfectly through the cones!


That Renault shot is great! I think you should add some aperture so your photos have depth to them, it would bring that Renault shot from a 7 to a 10

Hello, Bonjour, Hola,

Today’s photos come courtesy of the Ford Lotus Cortina, a beauty of a car:




Oh and a cheeky piñata I found!


I was just driving around and trying out a few cars and happened to notice the line on the desert road was the same colour as the yellow on the Lotus 3-Eleven, and the striped paintwork was complementary too. Photo opportunity! The first image shows the concept, and the second is the final photo I went with:


love the creativity of the 3-eleven shots! Awesome timing and application

Cortina shots 2 and 3 really give that old school feel, and good idea with the 3-11 shots!

I really like the Cortina shots and the final 3-Eleven shot!

It’s a little while since I uploaded any photos, so here’s a few recent ones. Not sure why the Nissan shot looks so dark!