Xero bane's Library of Images

Hello, fellow drivers and photographers!

This is my first post in the image-sharing arena. If I’m doing something incorrectly, PLEASE let me know and how I can correct it. All of my images will be from FM5 as I gave-away my 360 to my nephew when I got my X1.

At any rate, here are my images. Some are either B&W or use sephia in order to create the look of old photographs. I’ll post new images in this same post via edits each time I want to share a new one.

Also note that I’ve shared most of my liveries and designs if anyone likes them. I’m happy to change certain aspects such as names, numbers and flag nationality upon request. Just reply here if you see a design you like and want a different number, flag and even your name on the car. I enjoy designing racing liveries almost as much as tuning and racing the cars.

2013 Caterham Superlite R500.
1965 MINI Cooper S.
1966 Ford GT40 MkII (Gulf livery courtesy of JONK1969.)
1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage
1968 Alfra Romeo 33 Stradale
1965 MINI Cooper S with Alternate Livery. I tinkered with creating the illusion where the wood panels are. It was my first attempt and I’m suire I’ll get better at it. The images can be seen by clicking here or by clicking here. This one Mini S turned into a car that I laughed at unil I needed one for a series. After modding and tuning, its slick little car. I have two public tunes for this car. I recommend the model with less HP for beginners or average drivers. I recommend the higher HP model for veteran Forza players.

This image has a story to go with it. During the race I thought I saw a car kind-of lift-off up ahead of me but just kept going thinking it was a crash. When I watched the replay, I discovered that this Abarth 500 actually DID lift the rear-end resulting in an “endo.” I watched the replay several times and this car was not hit by any other car. It simply applied the brakes at-speed coming into a right-hander. The brakes were apparently so effective that it was enough to cause the rear to completely lift-off.

Hope you enjoy!
-xero bane