Xero bane's Gallery. (Updated 3.11.2014)

This will be my “official” gallery thread for sharing my images from now on. I’ll eventually move my other previously-posted images here, as well.

Here’s a design I’ve been chipping-away at for a few days. It isn’t perfect in terms of symmetry but as far as I’m concerned, it’s finished. This is one of those liveries that I just kept wanting to fit a logo into every major gap on the right and left sides so, it’s pretty “busy” looking.

2010 Tachyon #37 Lexus LFA
2010 Tachyon #37 Lexus LFA

Click here for the full-resolution version.

Some nice logo work on here mate, my only complain is that it looks a tad cluttered. Albeit that has happened to me many a time. Really though, excellent job with the tachyon logo. Keep up the great work!

Thank ya. I know it’s cluttered but something about the base colors and stripes looked “off” with gaps of nothing. (To me, anyway.) The Tachyon logo is pure fiction and a result of watching too much Star Trek: TNG while I play Forza. lol I’ve made the logo available for download, too.

Looks good! I agree with ace that you could maybe loose a few logos off the side, above the tachyon logo. But all in all, very nice! logo work looks great and the base is awesome too! i was always a sucker for black and orange. :slight_smile: