Xbox update preview members

Hi, I read that the new Xboxupdate can make some games unstable or glitchy. One of the games that was on the list on Xboxpreview, was Forza 6 where screen gets blue/purple. Does anyone know more about what this means? Are Turn10 fixing this ingame? can I reject getting the update from Xbox? is it only when online? and such things.

Sounds like an issue with the build of the new Xbox update rather than the game.

Bear in mind it’s an entirely optional update for those in the preview program so you don’t have to have the update right now, but with it being preview, I can’t imagine it’ll take long to have the issue resolved.

Preview members can see the announcement here:
“Sept 16: Known Issues in the New Xbox One Experience First Wave”

Forza 6: You may encounter graphical errors (screen turns a blue or purple hue) when participating in races

Third Party Steering Wheels: Using a third party steering wheel will work in games, however, it may cause instability to the console after attempting to use the Xbox button to return to the dashboard.
Workaround: Hard reset the console.

Yeah, there’s more info in the preview ap about opt in\out, but I myself am staying with the current preview. With about $450.00 worth of pre-ordered collectors editions coming in the holiday release season, i’m not going to risk the new preview getting in the way.

I just hope I’ll still be able to play and chat with my friends online. Oh wait I can’t do that now do to the current issues with connecting to servers and you can’t chat unless you join a party.

I’m holding off opting in to the new dash preview, until Forza 6 isn’t on the problems list.