Xbox One X Console Still has problems

Well it still appears to NOT have been fixed. PAINT/Designs for cars they are still reverting or turning to Grey in NOT just the garage but on the tracks. Not complaining as i have given up getting angry at the fact Turn 10 still have NOT fixed this issue as of today. It’s been four months since release and still a broken game even on Xbox one X…

Platforms played on:
Via 1080p TV’s 1 being LG 47 inch the other Samsung 40 inch
I did play it on Xbox one S / Computer GTX 1060 6GB Core i5 6600K 4.3Ghz 4GB DDR4 / & now on the Xbox one X

The Xbox one X is the best platform by far. Amazingly enough it looked better via the Xbox one X compared to the GTX 1060 6GB. I bought my GTX 1060 from C.E.X costing me £255.00 due to Bitcoin hype now costing via C.E.X £300.00 and that’s second hand, Meaning the purchase of the Xbox one X was a worthy well considered purchase all other games run like butter also with higher fps counts and better graphics and that’s at 1080p can you imagine 4k HDR10

Worst platform being the Pc as it also crashes many times over one being not able to load up the game at start. Only way to load up is to uninstall an app from windows store then reinstall the very same app and bingo Forza 7 loads up with now and again greyed out cars in paint and on track…

Forza 7 in my opinion is the worst buggy game to date compared to Forza 5 & 6. I had very little problems if none with Forza 6 bought via Digital platform on Xbox one…


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