(Xbox One) -Real style STREET DIGS / Roll Racing / KOTS events, Players NEEDED

Hey guys, I’m looking for people on Xbox One to do REAL style STREET digs and STREET events with, Yes you read correct, STREET digs and events, I’m talking about waiting until dark, meeting in a ghetto old parking lot, Picking your race’s, finding a block, rolling out, taking turns blocking off off traffic, using a car for lights, all horse power based events and nights like for example 500 hp only nights (Not like that “S Class or A Class” joke setups) I’m talking everyone at the same Horse Power, maybe RWD King Of The Street dig EVENTS, Import Nights, Muscle Meets, HWY King PULLS and ROLLS, FWD Night, AWD King of GRIP Champs, Honda and Acura meets, stuff like that…

I am already apart of WFO Racing team (Seen on Youtube) but they only do weekly meets and rarely play together with new members, BUT if we get some solid returning players (regulars or locals) we can rock or own crew, It don’t really matter to me (i like being WFO) I’m just looking for similar minded real style STREET RACERS out there.

ONLY conditions are as follows: - Be MATURE guys don’t be “that guy”, Nobody wants “that guy” around…

  • No CHEATING (if it’s 500hp night, Than it’s NOTHING OVER. 500hp) Tight races are the best races, come-on guys!!
  • MICS only (duh lol)
  • CLEAN driving PLEASE! (I like my bumper where it is, please leave it on while in a pack lol)
  • NO “rice” calling!!
  • and MOST IMPORTANT, lets have some fun guys!

If this sounds like something your looking for or would be into please feel free to ADD MY Xbox One GT: Psycho Mantis
MSG me and I’ll shoot you that Invite!! FH2 is my MAIN XBOX ONE game so I am on NIGHTLY and always looking to cruse!