I didn’t see this posted anywhere sry if I missed it. Everytime i get Sebring International raceway I believe it is I know its sebring something, but the majority of the track never loads. I can drive on it and some of the cones and the barrier walls still load but no asphalt or grass. So in the middle of my race i just start driving on nothing unless someone is in front of me I can’t even tell where the road is. Its everytime no matter what car or series I’m in I tried to take a screen shot and entered into a never ending loading screen. if it lets me back out then all of the symbols are replaced with black squares in the option like instead of the arrow for start race its just a black square, and if I try to back out from there I enter the same black never ending loading screen. Anyone else have this issue or can help me?

Is this happening during career, free play, multiplayer, all of the above? If you can also get the specific track variant(s) and email the information(video or pic from a camera/phone maybe) to they could possibly help. I know the process may be long and used as a last resort, but have you considered reinstalling? It may clear up the issue as well. I’ve had something similar during enduro races at indi, the whole track would eventually disappear the longer the race went on, but haven’t experienced this in a while and sounds like it wasn’t nearly as bad as your instance with the loading screen and corrupted menu. Hope you can get it figured out!

hi, i have the same issue.
some tracks dont seem to render correctly on my Xbox one x, same tracks are fine on my Xbox one s.

tracks look wet or ice, but there is nothing there, fences seem to render ok, just floating in space.


I would look at the condition of your hard drive. The game is trying to load game assets and it cannot access them from your xbox. This is a hardware issue rather than a game issue.
How full or old is your xbox? Are you using any funky preview code or running the game off a 3rd party USB drive? These could all affect how the game runs.