XBOX ONE (CANNOT ACCESS ONLINE) Anyone having the same issue?

Hi Forza Fans

Can’t access Forza Horizon 2 Online and I have been trying to access online road trip and other online features but this message keeps popping up:

The Forza Horizon 2 server is not currently available. Please try again later.

Worked with Xbox Support online for at least 2 Hours did internet tests, changed some settings with Xbox Support and followed every instruction that was given.
Still the message popped up:
The Forza Horizon 2 server is not currently available. Please try again later.

Did some more things and followed instructions that was given. Still did not work.

Final Message that was given by Xbox Support:
Your account is good and you are a legit owner of the game.
Since you are having issues connecting with the game server
It looks like the game server is not recognizing the license and it is best
That you get in touch with the game developer so they can look into it.

I have Contacted the Game Developers and emailed them on Wednesday 5th of August and i contacted Xbox support on the same day.

F.Y.I i can access other games online
Anyone got any ideas? How long does it take for the game developers to Contact?

Thanks :slight_smile:

How many solo career achievements have you unlocked?
Are there any unread messages in your game message center?

Hey guys,

The app is probably down for maintenance - is it unavailable everywhere? Just curious.

Hi ManteoMax it all seem to be working for some reason it does look like Forza has fixed it

Hi Forza fans

It looks like Forza has fixed my issue by looking at the email i sent.

The problem is fixed


It wont let me play online it says the server is down i was playing earlier yesterday then i couldnt anymore it says the server is down or did i get blocked from online need to know

I have the same issue whats going on

Please check Xbox live status before starting threads

I am having the same problem as well as far as not being able to connect to the forza horizon 2 server, but it was working just fine an hour ago. I checked the Xbox live status as recommended and the only services limited as of 1233 est is content on Xbox 360.

Anyone else having trouble?

I assume this is a known issue with the Forza Servers?

If it is this needs to be fixed!

I have a similar problem my forza hub says its unavilable try again later ive had this problem for close to 2 weeks can you tell me the email to contact the game developers