xbox live gold

I have only been online a short time using the free 14 day xbox live gold trial that was included in my console…
So far i have been online for 21 days on a 14 day trial???

Is the gold actually necessary or can i remain online without it at no further cost or are they actually billing my paypal without consent after those 14 days?

I searched the xbox website and came out none the wiser it just said connected and im still online … confusing


If you gave them a Payment Option my guess is they did bill you to continue the Gold.

You can go online without any cost. They might have billed you to continue XBL if you gave them a payment option, but it’s only useful for either online gaming (as in multiplayer), or getting the Games With Gold/Deals With Gold. Without Gold, you can still be online with your Xbox, you just can’t participate in multiplayer or co-op gaming.

You can use a bunch of apps like youtube, edge and twitch without having a gold membership.