XBOX Getting rammed by the same team over and over I have proof!!

I was racing a GT Endurance Hopper and got rammed of the track 3 races in a row. They have other people in there team to ruin my race so I don’t finish. This first started on Homestead full track when someone called: [Mod Edit - D] turned into me when I was on the inside you can see in the clip that I straightened out alone side him in T1 and he kept turning into me I got passed him and he rammed me off the track, he rammed me again at hockenheim don’t have the clip for. Then on Le Mans Old Circuit I get brake checked on the straight at 200mph by someone called: [Mod Edit - D]. I’ve also seen them ram into other people just to hit me off the track I’m sure I could find a witness.
Thanks For Reading, Zac.