Xbox Cloud Save didnt synchronize with PC -> Cloud Save now gone and I'm back to the start

Xbox Cloud Save didnt synchronize with PC → so i booted up my xbox one x which synchronized the new save game from the PC and now my Cloud Save date is gone and I’m back to the start with zero progress. can my original cloud save data be restored and synchronized to my pc?

I’m using Win11 on PC.

The sync issues between PC and Xbox have existed since day 1. Long story short you should only play on one platform to avoid these issues. Otherwise as you have experienced you will lose progress. In my case I lost hours of progress and tens of millions in credits early on. The worst thing was being forced to redo some of the challenges on the weekly chorelist. That nearly broke me. I now only play on Xbox.


When I switch from xBox to PC, it show sync error, than I lost my MG 3 in Auction house.