(Xbox 360) Last race Pyrmaid Glitch


Has anyone encountered on the Xbox 360 version the Pyramid glitch (this is what most people are calling it) On the last race of the festival? Ive tried it 3 times now, twice using my Escort Cosworth and once using my Mini Cooper on the 2 occasions whilst using my Escort it wouldn’t matter what potion I was in but after you cross over the bridge that went over the motorway/highway every car would just stop dead just after the bridge, any car that was behind it taking the same path would simply “float” in top of it and stay their, and this would happen to every car behind each other. For the third time trying this race before I gave up, I got to the checkpoint just before the bridge were the pyramid glitch kept occurring and up popped on my screen;

Game Error

The disc is unreadable.

  1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth.
  2. Restart the console.

For more help, visit

This error has been happening with the game before even on the first day of use, were Id be driving to an event and up ahead of me the ground would disappear and up pops the rather unhelpful message. The game its self is unmarked/scratched and since my Xbox 360 likes to chew games up whilst I’m on them I always now install them to the HDD but this still does not explain as to why I’m constantly getting the Disc read errors as well as the game keep failing, has anyone else suffered this problem and if so does anyone know if Turn-10 has announced anything about mending the Xbox 360 glitches for Forza Horizon 2? I know that all us 360 users have been lied to before just like this these DLC cars and the launch DLC ect but they have got to fix the bugs in the 360 version, they couldn’t just release it and then not fix or even help out.