Xbox 360 car meets

Hello and welcome to our page!

We aim to bring an entertaining and memorable experience for the car meet community.

Our Hosts are dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible.

Only our official Host and co-host will be posting content about the meets!

Host: xCX340XCx

Co-Host: SheldorBomer

(currenty looking for more so we can host more regular meets!)

At our meets there are a multitude of competitions such as:

Best looking car,
Mors desirable car,
Loudest car,
Drag racing,
Scenic cruises,
And ofcourse, A roadtrip across the continent.

When driving be careful not to crash, drive with care and respect.

Please respect our policies and other players as we are aiming to provide the best omline experience possible!

We would prefer it if you had a mic! However If you dont, you MUST have gamechat turned on so that you can hear whats going on!

Please leave your gamertag down below if you would like to join,
or message me for an invite.

Gt: xCX340XCx

Banned Players:

[Mod removed, we don’t allow that - fyerball]

We cant wait to see you guys there!

Check out our NEW GTA car meets forum Page:

Please note: We do not do meets everyday and you will be informed about any that are upcoming