Xbox 26gb update, for what?

I’m baffled. When I saw my game updating with a 26 or 28gb update that it was, I thought ah splendid, maybe I might actually be able to progress the career mode and drive at Watkins Glen. Tried to progress my career today and still the same issue. Come round the bottom hairpin down the back straight and the game just crashes to dashboard. So what on earth was in the 26gb update?! As far as I can see nothing has changed what so ever.

There’s no update for me here. I just booted up my console fresh, nothing. Standard Ed game on Xbox One - still 67 gigs.

Are you in the preview and enabled download of 4K assets?

I’m in preview but I haven’t got 4k enabled as far as I’m aware as I don’t have a 4k TV, so pointless as of yet!

Take a look under your backup settings. Might be a bug.

you xbots got it easy, i had to redownload 100 gb 3 times, 26 gb is nothing, pc masturdrace indeed
thank you micro$tore for making pc gaming great again