XBOX 1X - Crashes, Porsche Issues !!!!!!!!!!!

I often felt the problem that the game crashes every third time. No matter whether in a race, in the choose the cars or in the folieneditor.

also I don’t understand why you simply can buy every car? how the hell do I get the GT3RS???
by 2014 you can not ride the because he at the speed, the front draws us upward that draw to impossible is.
I ask for troubleshooting needs.
I have spent € 100 for a game what does not work properly. I’m really mad

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You can get the GT3 RS by participating in the bounty hunter event:
True, Porsches are difficult to drive in this game.

Would this be the Showcase race where you have to Pass several Porsches to win the car if so look on UTube for some hints but yes this race was hard drop Drivtar level to Beginner and you may try raming the Last porsche you have to pass to push him of track it helps to be nasty some times to win a race in Campaign.

They are not difficult to drive. The physics are broken.
Rear engine and some mid engine cars lift the front tires when accelerating and a lot of cars lift their inner wheels when cornering or even flip over.
Turn 10 messed it up.