XBOX 1 vs XBOX 360

I plan on buying FH2 again. I went from the 360 to the PS4, but I want FH2 again. So Im leaning towards another 360, but want to know a few thing’s.

  1. Does the 360 version have the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT (don’t care If u have to pay extra, just wanna know If u can buy It on the 360 version)

  2. Can u switch AWD cars to RWD (seen a video on YouTube with a Jeep going from AWD to RWD)

Also I don’t care about graphics. And I know the weather feature Is ONE only.

To answer both of your questions, the answer is no; The Jeep is only available on XB1 version as DLC and there are no drivetrain swaps on the 360 version, hope this helps you out

Or this.