X Class Ferrari 641 League

X Class Ferrari 641 Racing League. Every Sunday night 10pm est starting in 2 weeks from today. Disregard current points and races on the current website. Also disregard use of the Lotus e23 as stated on the website. Likely will be wiped and restarted due to racers flaking or unable to race at that time. For further info regarding rules and registration sign up on http://forzaf1league.proboards.com/ Also add AeroDunky on xbox live, he’s the manager of the league. Thanks, all clean racers welcome!

Your league rules requires all to use the Lotus E23, yet you refer to it as the Ferrari 641 league. So which is mandatory ?

We switched to the Ferrari 641. I forgot that was posted in the rules, as they were released before the Ferrari was available. My apologies.