I dont understand the weekly spotlight cars fully.
So the X BOW GT2 wasnt in game from Start. It was added today.
You can buy at a reduced Prize for one Week.
But you need it for the weekly Challege to get the monthly reward car?
Or is ist possible to do that challenge in another car?
Is it added to the Autoshow permanently?

You can use other cars for this series of the tour, you don’t have to use the spotlight car.
The only thing you need the X Bow for is the weekly rivals.

You can use other cars in that series, you don’t have to use the KTM.

It’s availabe at a discount while it’s the spotlight car. After that you can buy it at its normal price

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Ah, so that was what they meant with : New cars will be added directly to the Autoshow plus 1 Car as reward per Month for absolving the weekly races

I thought that car wasn’t there before. I was leveling up the ‘18 because that’s what was there. I thought they made a mistake on the spotlight car.

Just a heads up with this car. It’s equipped with a modified Audi i5-T 5 cylinder engine, but the sound file is that of a 4 cylinder (presumably from the Xbow-R). Truly saddening. I bought it for an event and tested it out, given I love the sound of Audi’s 5 cylinder engines IRL, much to my disappointment that it has the incorrect audio file. Benched the car immediately.

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Another one bites the dust.


Sadly, for now, yeah. I can’t enjoy a car in-game when there’s something as simple and obviously wrong with the car. Maybe if the audio quality isn’t amazing and it sounds similar to an IRL representation, but not like this. I literally had to double check the in-game stats and then check the IRL specs of the car because I thought it was me that was bugging out about it having a 5 cylinder :rofl: I hope they patch this up soon, especially since it was a spotlight car. That’s kind of embarrassing.

Same thing here. Got all excited for wailing I5. What I got was profound disappointment.

There’s a reason why this car is on sale.

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Forza Horizon got it right. Lol this is a doozy!

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At least PG has done it, which gives a bit of hope that it will be corrected in time. Hopefully…

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It would be nice if the game showed you the full price as well as the discounted price so you can see the difference.