WTB Forza Trainer DLC

If Turn 10/Microsoft made a Forza Trainer focusing mainly on effects of tuning, I’d buy it. I’d spend up to $20 if it was done well.

What I’d want to see in this fantasy DLC of mine are scenarios where a certain tuning change is made and then highlighted under the specific track conditions where it makes the most difference. Sort of a “too much/little of this and watch what happens … but now get it just right and BINGO!”

Right now, I have to do all that trial and error myself, and sometimes I make changes I think should have one effect but turn out to affect the car completely differently, in ways I didn’t expect, or seemingly not at all.

I’d rather spend my time playing than testing, so I’m more than willing to pay the people who made the game to help me better learn its tuning.

Here’s to hoping I’m not the only one out there wanting something like this and that Turn 10 is listening.


Trial and error is the absolute best way to learn to tune in my opinion. It make take a while but when you get it right it is very satisfying.

Add your idea to the Features Wish List thread in the FM6 Discussion forum for T10 to see.

Done. Thanks!

The first step before even tuning is to understand what your car is doing at any given moment AND what you want it to do. You have to be realistic about it.

Then reading the descriptions of each category in the tuning setup. It is actually way more informative than it has been in past Forza titles.

But once you understand what the car is doing and then start to understand basic tuning, the more advanced stuff will start to come to you. It’s like it’s weaving together.