WTB Colorado ZR2

OG FLETCH420 looking for zr2 Colorado as well

Also looking to buy a ZR2. Willing to trade any of my cars, message me on Xbox “Steezy Deezer” to see what I’ve got.

Looking for a ZR2. HMU If you want to sell it trade one. I have lots of cars so pick what you want

I got an extra zr2 I can find. Message me and I can try to get another zr2 to snipe which shouldn’t be too hard since I have gotten 3 zr2s by trying to search. I can find one, and we can trade.

Looking for a Colorado If anyone has an extra one and willing to sell or trade

Ho, i am looking also for Colorado… please text me😊

Anyone with a ZR2? I’d love to buy one.