Worth getting now?

Probably asked a lot, but I would love to know if I should buy it as of now because it has been a while since most other types of these posts. I can’t seem to find any newer arcade like racing games that are more recent and still have a playerbase. Thanks in advance!


Probably the best time since it’s about the cheapest it has ever been and the expansions are discounted too

I don’t play online much, instead enjoy in single player mode. I love FH3 and you should get it. If you enjoy other Forza titles then jump in!

This is the best ever racing game but don’t buy if you are on pc because it’s a total mess on pc, filled with crashing problems and developers don’t care about it.

I have absolutely no issues with it on pc
Maybe had 1 crash in the 17 months I’ve had the game
And I’ve only got a very average pc …barely minimum but i also just let it choose recommended settings and dont expect it to perform better than my pc will…

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do doubt about it. you wont be disappointed.