World wide cruisers online (new series)

Hi everyone,
World wide cruisers are having a blast in a new race series, it is based on driver pi and so far we ran one trial race, from that it was decided to start this new type of racing.
our 1st race was held at Mugello where our pi’s were all over the place, the car was a Vauxhall Astra vxr, PI’S well this was worked out by leaderboard times of the drivers ,then 4 judges rulled where the pi’s would go up or down or ramin the same,an addition pi was determined on the class of the car we had to run the tune on it,s class.
Pi i’s were posted on the site and the drivers could not wait to find out what they would be running. the pi’s range between 2 classes, from low to very hi pi, it give’s us a really close race whatever your skill ,fast or slow, it will be adjusted to suit the race among the other drivers.
Why don’t you check out the site ,if you think you might be interested in a regular sunday race please feel free to contact us, there is a contact form on the main page and it will be answered.
All the details you may need are on the site.

Races,9pm uk time,4pm eastern time USA