World tuning championship

I was just thinking wouldn’t it be great to have tuned car championship. I say this because you start to lose your reaction speed at 24 so any1 over the age of 30 has no chance of winning in a stock car. As soon as I spend time tuning cars I can get top 10 times but stock cars im ranked in the 1000s and after everything I have read about reaction speeds im sure I will only get worse. I watched the formula e forza championship and none of the top players were over the age of 24 and virtually all league of legends players retire at 24/25. Tuning in itself is a art and I think tuners would love a world championship even if it was other people driving their tunes

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I have to agree that being older is a disadvantage but it’s not impossible to run top 100 times in stock. You just have to put a lot more time in than the younger generation. I haven’t managed to doit in the mustang or the formula ford but I have high hopes that I will get a top 100 time in the ford gt lm as that’s where I spend most of my time, r class gt cars

I really like the idea of a constructors leaderboard. I’d like to see all tunes shared and a leaderboard to reflect the number of wins in that tune per track.

This is just not true. I’m 32 and top 10 on stock car leaderboard is not difficult. The current forzaRC leaderboard in the formula ford on catalunya for example, I’ve had no time on forza in the last 2 weeks but had 30 minutes to play the other night. I spent a few laps racing the ghost trying to figure it out using rewind and I can say with absolute confidence that if I get a good few hours to play and put my all into it I’ll undoubtedly get close to #1. Also there’s other top players who are “older” like gtz liquid is late 30s and has easy top 10s on spec boards. Then in real life many top top racers are older than 24, sometimes by a lot. I don’t think driving fast is really about reaction times. Maybe on call of duty you’re gonna struggle a lot. In forza or racing I just don’t see it.

The idea of a tuning comp is interesting, but that is unusual support for having one. If I understand, you propose a tuning comp a) to keep the “old people” competitive when their reaction times fail and b) because players perform relatively worse in stock than tuned events.

For a), let’s generously assume everyone has the same peak reaction time at the same age, it deteriorates at the same rate as they age, and it actually matters for hotlapping - in other words, the old folks have no chance. Even if there was some universally best tune for a particular car/PI/track combo, a rising tide will lift all boats. The old people might be better than before but relatively positioned about the same because the tune should benefit all.

For b), the trend to date is there is a mix of spec and tuned events. No amount of tuning comps will help on the day one runs a spec event. Also, some are clearly better in spec than tuned because someone has to occupy the top positions when the good-at-tuned-but-bad-at-spec players fall out.

I think the best reason to have a tuning comp is because it is another good way to recognize and showcase an important part of forza gameplay and features. It might favor the group of very good drivers that also tune well, but that’s no different than any other comp - some are better at photos, some paint better, some race better, etc.

play more cod maybe

I would say, if your time of reaction is bad, a setup won’t make it better


Sounds like a great idea.

I am now in my late 40s and I know for a fact I am much slower than I used to be and would be far more competitive if I was 20yrs younger. However I do have noticed that when it comes to tuned cars I am much more competitive than driving stock.

I don’t think reaction times are to blame for poor performance in stock cars, if your reaction times were no good than you would have the same problem no matter what car you are driving. I personally think it comes down to driving style. I struggle in stock cars but I think that it is down to the stock cars being poorly setup with their stock settings. Some people are just able to adapt better or more quickly to cars handling differently than what they would like. It the same reason that I don’t like certain peoples setups from the leaderboards, even though they have set a very fast top times in them I won’t be able to drive them anywhere near as fast as what I can someone else’s tune.