World GT Championships

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Lets get some Sign ups!!

Interested, if the rules barring assists are removed. Racing w/o assists is faster, if you can handle it. So I don’t see the reason to force people to race a way that makes the experience less fun, especially when in the long run, they are only hurting themselves with the assists on.

Also, perhaps you might want to look into using Elo Ratings for Seasons 2 and beyond, to establish the Skill Divisions. I have a lot of experience with using Elo in a race setting, if you’re interested.

Give me your input. Assists i feel is perfect the way they are.

No thanks.

I think that it should be up to the person to use assists that allow them to race were they are comfortable with the car. Provided that it does not include auto brake and auto steer because that is not racing at all when the computer is doing it for you. Also, when do you plan on having this event and what classes?