With VSync locked @ 60FPS setting I average 45-50FPS. When I switch to 30FPS lock, it dips to 27.

I have a Ryzen 2400G, RX560 2GB, and 16GB RAM. My tests were done with dynamic optimization off, 1080p resolution, video settings on High, and VSync enabled.

I noticed that when I keep the game locked at 30FPS with VSync enabled, I frequently get dips as low as 27FPS and constant low video memory warnings. Normally I would understand if it was GPU or something holding it back, but whenever I switch to 60FPS lock with VSync enabled, I easily average 45-50FPS. On top of that I don’t see a single low video memory warning whenever I have it locked at 60FPS.

Why is it that when my computer is obviously capable of handling 45-50FPS with ease, it dips below 30FPS on the same exact settings when I lock the framerate there? It should be 100% locked at 30FPS, but it isn’t, and gives me constant warnings on top of it.

After doing more testing since creating this thread, I decided to do a simple benchmark test.

Video settings were set to 1080p, VSync on, 30FPS lock, Motion Blur on Long, and the High preset in advanced options.

The benchmark ran perfectly smooth, no video memory errors, and not a single stutter recorded by the benchmark. Yet when I go back into the full game, I get hit with random stutters and video memory errors.