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With this DLC you will get the chance to go behind the wheel in a NHRA 6,000 hpw 335 mph Fully modified Top Fuel Funny Car or Top Fuel Dragster as well as a 200 mph Pro Stock Motorcycle. This DLC will come with 5 NHRA tracks in addition with all new drag slick physics. The Tires will grow to be round, the burnout will allow you to heat your tires up enough to stick to the track, and you will have to battle tire shake for the first time EVER in a video game. We’re really excited to be bringing the sport of drag racing to the edge of its potential when it comes to the new day and age of video games. Real time tunning, Crew chief if selected, parachutes, and blower explosions. SHOW YOUR LOVE GUYS!!! LET THEM KNOW THAT PEOPLE WILL BUY THIS!!!

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So it’s a wishlist… Misleading much…


well if it caught your attention enough to wanna look into it. Please like this post. I have 2 nhra track owners willing to pay really good money to have a game made and use their track. I imagine others are gonna be just as eager. Plus kids love fast cars. It would be a great way to keep them interested in a sport instead of being out and about on the streets. Drag racing gives you something to spend your money on.

The coolest thing ever would be clean up. Say the person in front of you rolls and hits the wall a couple times. They could have the exhaust and some body pieces laying across the track. Maybe a front tire or so. They could have you pull up behind the burnout box and watch the tractor go down and clean up really quick. Something short of course. But in depth. Dragster would be where they could show off their abilities as a game developer. All the body pieces on these cars are tearable. They rip very easily. Dragsters are made to snap the front end off at the end of the drivers safety pod when they wreck bad. There’s an endless amount of options they have. From fires to nitrous backfires. From tires ripping off half track and flying 250 ft up in the air to tire shake. They could make the tire shake serious. Even make it pop the door open if you stay in it to long or if it is hard enough. Have minute clutch settings for tuning and fuel tunning. Endless guys. Think about if forza had the time to put full effort into a full game. You would be able to build a motor from the block the the springs. Adjust every single detail. Add nitrous stages. Awesome drag racing body kits. Endless guys. So much money to be made here!!!


Too niche.
Don’t break the game by adding in loads of new complicated dynamics.

Don’t title threads that would mislead people into thinking something exists when it doesn’t.

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