Wishes from a Route Creator

Hey guys, dear support team of FH5,

I am a FH player since part 3 and one of the things I want to do in these wonderful playgrounds you always create is to do my own work and create routes and stuff. I already have a lot of ideas and tried to fiddle with the new mechanics (such as new objects to place, etc).

Nevertheless, can you please make it possible to edit old routes once you finished them? Here are several reasons why this is so, so, so necessary:

  1. Slightly missplaced Checkpoints: Even when driving carefully and doing your best job in plaving Checkpoints, nearly every time there will be one or two CP that are slightly to narrow, angled wrong, or such a thing - but most of the time, you only realize while you do your first test drive under real speed conditions. And that makes it already impossible to edit the track. Same goes, btw, for many objects you place!

  2. Making rules and placing objects and such: Today, I created a fun route with tracks. I made all my CP, etc, and as soon as I was finished, the track closed and didnt allow me anything at all. I wanted to place lamps, signs and all that jazz once I had finished, because that makes so much more sense when you know exactly where your route is going. But, as soon as you the finish line for a lap-track, bam, you’re done, no way back, not even before editing the menu. So the only way to do it would be re-doing the entire track…

And I know both of these points can partly be solved by simply not finishing the route before everything is done, but since you “drive” your route, sometimes it just happens (for lap-tracks especially), sometimes you just forget and even more, mostly, it just takes an awful lot of time to paint your track, do and re-do CP (like an hour or so for just a slightly complicated track isn’t rare), and maybe you want to do finishing touches on another day.
I don’t expect a full “grab and re-place CP tools”, but at least an option to choose an existing route, undo the very last CP to get back into the editing menu, that would be so, so, so, so (times x) helpful…

  1. Re-Visiting older tracks: Many times, as a creator, you may have a new idea that fits into an older project or would allow it to be re-visited and chenged for the better. This is currently impossible, except for, you guessed it, starting from scratch.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I hope to be able to post some cool tracks soon-ish, but currently, I never finish them properly and fully to my liking, because of above issues… :slight_smile: