[WISH - SUGGESTION] A basic custom livery for all our cars

First post here and it’s a suggestion or consider it a thing to put in a wishlist.

Just think about how many car designs exists.

I suppose we all like to have many different designs, but at a certain point I prefer, at least for my “one time” cars, that I use only for seasonal events, I prefer to use my favourite coulor and design.

So I’m asking to have an option that put a custom livery adaptable on our cars, with custom hook points where put our own marks, tags, and to keep the colour like it could be a Ferrari Red. So, maybe to make the idea clear I give you an example: I want to have all my cars liverys in metallic orange with two stripes similar to vipers on top and a Skull and a 7 on the doors.

I wish there could be an option to paint it for everycar without enter the design mode. Something more general than a custom design for a single car, something that will work for all cars. And from there maybe give the possibility to start a custom design.

You could tell me it’s three minutes to put this things on every car I use. But it’s three minutes multiplied hundred cars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the attention

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