Winter #Forzathon Shop, new cars, and events through February 7

I just used the stock Bowler, no issues


This weeks trial can kiss my azz! Absolute waste of most people’s time.

Give it one go and my whole team were behind the whole red team.

What is the point for a poxie chat phrase that no one uses?

I won it on the 3rd attempt but the whole event was not fun. Did it with a friend who also knows what counts on team races. The only thing we did was crashing into the AI, trying to push them out of checkpoints/against walls/buildings and constantly block them to let our team members pass. All done without losing too much ground ourselves. I spent half the races looking behind my car to swerve into the way of the incoming AI cars.
With proper racing I would still have to win this trial, I’m sure of that.

It’s definitely the hardest one yet, not sure why. The first race is an easy win, I’ve been ahead of all the drivatars every time. Part of the reason is they take a terrible line at one point and you can very easily pass two of them each lap there. With 5 laps there’s plenty of time to pick them off. The 2nd one I think the best I’ve finished is 3rd, I just can’t make any impression on the first 2. They complete the race in about 2:04, whereas the best I’ve done solo starting from the back is around 2:08, so I just can’t drive the course that fast and I think I’m around 27th on the world leaderboard for the rivals for that course. And the 3rd one, by the time the field has spaced out and I’m not being bumped about, the worst one was I think I had 6 of them ahead of me that again, I just couldn’t make any impression on. You can see their impossible performance in places. In the first race, even though I was able to easily beat them in other places, there’s one point where I’m going faster than them past the barn on the right, and they go to the left. Based on relative speed I should keep on gaining on them, but when they come back into view they have deployed super acceleration to shoot ahead of me.

At least they seem to have partially fixed the bug of it being possible to beat unbeatable drivatars :wink:

AI in this game is mutch more better when there is not any corners as AI drivers in unbeatable difficulty seems to get really high speed boost. Also if you not right behind or next to them they dont have any effect on obstacles, this can see really well in first race if get starting position on front so can take early lead and when comes that straight with lots of obstacles AI come next to me but fail to overtake when those obstacles physics start effects them.

I was finally able to get that just by racing but only because our team have 3 other driver with abaout same skill level than i am and how often that would happend.

That’s normally what I do. Even to the point where I take up the position of “Rear Gunner” and let the opponents almost lap me and then just get in their way as much as possible, allowing my own team to catch up and pass the red team.

No such luck this time as the Red Team where way too fast for all of us.

I agree with the others, what’s up with these 600 FP Cars? It’s a big drain even after you complete the whole week events, even a bigger drain if you don’t already have the FE cars.

Since the seasonal championships on Fortune Island are nothing but repeats now (it is a small island afterall), perhaps offer Forzathon Points as the rewards instead of the other prizes?

I don’t know whether it is because people have been complaining about having too many Forzathon points OR the Dev’s want more people doing the absolute silliness that is Forzathon Live. Whatever it may have just killed the game for me. All I do anymore anyway is the weekly stuff and buy whatever I don’t have in the Shop. With the points that you can get weekly, 340 I think, that would still leave over 700 you would need from doing the Live silliness just to get the 2 cars. I think I will have to pass on that.


I was doing a championship when this happened : Start the video at 3:20 :smiley: Since when the night comes so fast? :smiley:

Secret event discovered! Solar Eclipse!

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The same happened to me…

Is the “Over Crest, Jump Maybe” just not working at all for anyone, tried several times in several different cars and even when jumping past a group of 4-5 cars i get nothing…

New to Forza on Xbox one but previouslyplayed lots of Forza on Xbox 360. Got the Carr Pass cars however the cars that should have been out on the 31st of jan can still not be obtained. Is there anything specific i need to do in order to claim them ? When i look in downloads its not available there either yet.

Go to the xbox store page for Horizon 4 and re-download the car pass, then try to buy the cars again in the autoshow

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Forzathon : Lucky Escape Skill with retro rally car : Sneaky tip

This is basically a near miss while drifting

A sneaky way to do this is to take a RWD Retro rally car (I used Lancia Stradale) … over inflate the rear tyres … then just drive the wrong way around the large 3 lane roundabout …

The overinflated tyres cause it to ‘drift’ (not really but it scores as a drift) … just miss the cars coming the other way!

Piece of cake!
Hope that helps

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Does anybody know what race is the easiest to get the airborne pass skills ?
I’m struggling with that one

I haven’t tried that one yet, but there is some jumps in one of the races around the “Mudkicker” place I seem to remember.


It was the “Mudkicker’s Scramble” I was thinking about.

Well, I just tried it, making a “Retro Rally” blueprint, with drivatars set to “New Racer”.

Let them all steam past me and followed them closely to the multi jump section about half-way round and the achievement popped done during the second two-lap races race.

There may be a community blueprint that will be easier, but this worked for me.

Weekly Forzathon

Again I already own both vehicles in the Forzathon Shop but the challenges looked interesting.

For the Airborne Pass Skills and Lucky Escape Skills used a 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR with a A800 tune/upgrade called #FORZATHON+ by Stevio2175.

Many people like to use Mudkickers’ 4x4 Scramble or Mountain Foot Cross Country for the Airborne Pass Skills but I prefer the Castle Cross Country Circuit near Bamburgh Castle. 3 laps with several places where you can get air and overtake others. You need 5 Airborne Pass Skills.

For the Lucky Escape Skills just went into Horizon Solo and did zig zag drifting on a road with traffic.

It may be possible to get a 3 star score at the Derwent Water Speed Zone using the A800 tune/upgrade but snow makes it a bit difficult. Switched to a S2 921 tune/upgrade called #Forzathon Snow by TenienteMM22 which made it easier.

Castle cross country circuit by the east side beach, there’s a good player-made route called Retro Rally Forzathon or something like that. it has alot of votes should be near the top of the list of the “trending” blueprints.

It takes you over the bumps on the beach, very easy to airborne pass.

Still the same old “Rival Disciplines”.