Winter #Forzathon Shop, new cars, and events through February 7

And AI (at least two of them) also feels like unbeatable difficult setting and not like most trials have been so far that can beat AI really easily.

Finally get it, 12th try’s. In my team was 3 guys that propobly was join in convoy and all of those was pretty good drivers, so end up being really easy run even in second race our team was 1, 2 and 3rd

This happened to me also (has also happened on a championship last week too).

The most annoying thing I found tho’ was when I backed out of the event to try something else, I was limited to the vehicles specific to that event and even returning to the festival did not reset my vehicles.

How I reset it was to start another solo event, select someone’s blueprint with “Anything Goes” for vehicle type and then quit thew race.

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I only go to the island for the PR stunts and then right back to the mainland. Its nice to see the Maserati as a reward. I’m excited to win that one

Why don’t you do the championship races on FI?

Its been repeats for the past 3 weeks. I already completed them a long while back. If they ever put some new ones out, i’d do them. Are you talking about seasonal or the regular championships there? I’ve completed all that stuff eons ago

600 FP Car: 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha (existing Exclusive model)

Is this a test how much we are willing to pay in the Forzathon shop for a car? Looks like the cars get more and more expensive every new season.

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The cars are getting more expensive in the Forzathon shop. Participation in Forzathon events, especially, the Forzathon Live events, have decreased significantly.

People stopped doing these events, because they don’t need to earn the Forzathon points. Why you ask? Because there hasn’t been anything unique sold of the shop over the last 2 months, and any one who has played Horizon 4 for more than 4 weeks, already own 90% of the cars and clothes.


None of the above is true.

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They definitely seem to be putting a premium price on the wheelspin-only cars they’ve been adding to the Forzathon Shop lately.

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Like it is hard to get Forzathon points, keep extra, least problem of this game

I actually see it as a big fat gift to all the so-called “Legendary Painters” & “Legendary Tuners”, because they can snap these up for the same as you can right now (600FP).

However, if you were to go and try to sell one in the AH and assuming you are a mere-mortal painter/tuner, guess how much your max sale price would be? 100,000cr?

Whereas, a “LP” or “LT” could theoretically buy a few of these now and sit on them for a week or two until they are no longer available at the current FP price and then sell for…your guess is as good as mne. :frowning:


The non FE editins cars shouldn’t be more expensive than the FE cars in the shop imo

Also I sold my Hummer at the right time lol

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FE vs non FE for cost? Rarity is a big part. Yeah, the continental gt is an FE, but it is common, cheap and easy to get. I dont even auction, just trash from wheelspin. H1 though… Never had, so high appeal. Will pay more for that.

The last two races of the trial are a complete joke. The leading AI cars are mostly immediately above the distance where they are affected by terrain. Then it’s impossible to catch up.
And it’s very “interesting” how a 756 AI Warthog pulls away from my 800 due to the snowy underground.

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Is it just my tires old brain or are the cars costing more points? I don’t remember both costing over 1000 points to get both.

I’m happy to tell you it is not you and your old brain is not tired. Check Max’s first post.

I shared a tune for the Snow Bowlers championship. I tried my S1 tune for the first race and only came third. Then I tried my A class tune and was actually chocked how easy it was to win the remaining two races. The AI must run a much different build because they simply can’t keep up with the acceleration and speed. The tune is called Maserati Levante.

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Confirmed! Could not break 7’ish position at 900. Tried this and first try was a win. That bridge on Quarry is still a pain in the rear however. Almost RNG lol

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I won against unbeatable drivatars with my first attempt at 900, but I wouldn’t say it was an easy win: