Winning Races, When quality should but doesn't count for anything

At least the AI stay on the track. I refuse to lower my standards to win more races and as a result move up the leader board ladder. The closest thing about this game to sim racing is the AI. I don’t mind losing to someone who is clearly better than me.

You can’t move up the leaderboards by going off the track… The slowest clean time is always ranked higher than the fastest dirty time.

Just keep two wheels on the track and it won’t dirty a lap. Leaderboard times should be restricted to rivals standards. I tried to better a slow lap on rivals and my laps were as clean as possible and I still couldn’t produce a satisfactory lap.

Practicing is all you can do to alleviate that! People aren’t gaining mounds of time from abusing track limits. You gain maybe a tenth if you can successfully grass brake a tight corner, and there aren’t enough opportunities on any track to do that to gain a huge amount of time. Some guys just rip it around while staying an inch away from the grass… It’s hard to do, but once you get the lap in, the time is there.