Winning by idiots ...

Mine is an appeal to all fans of this game, and in particular to those drivers who can not accept losing a race …
We’re all tired of these elements “violent”, entering the race only to create havoc, as they realize that it is not the fastest not think twice to throw you off at the first corner and then go to the podium satisfied … Beautiful satisfaction !
The other day, to cite a fact, one of these people, race class, I with a normal beetle old ones, one of these runners did not accept the fact of not being able to keep up with me, kicked me twice in the sand curve, but I still managed to risorpassarlo cleanly and go to the podium, two minutes later he sent me a message that I carry with copy paste … “only way you won cos u paid for ur car saddo” … Do not I have no words … but it is also true that not all the times I can send replays to microsoft … The only fulfilling a customer who these characters, every two or at most three races are expelled to the fury of the people, and they are happy to spend their day waiting room hoping to start to break … in another race.
Sorry for my outburst, and also for my mistakes, I do not know English and I have to use the classic Google translator …

Welcome to playing computer games online. You should know from general life that most people aren’t likeable. Give people anonymity and what do you think will happen? That’s right, they’re extremely obnoxious. Try to make friends with the people who like to play the game the same way as you, then race with them.

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Why did you dislike? Do not you agree with me that it is better to win that capacity for anger? Talk about anonymity on the forum have told me that you can not name names …

a whole lot of meaning was lost in translation here, haha

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You’re right … Google translator ago today only disaster, I’m sorry that there is a way to understand each other even if we do not know suits languages.

To clarify, i agreed with you. It is a shame we have to encounter these type of people online.

I agree with Dsquared it is a shame but as he also stated find like minded racers as yourself, they are out there.
There are a lot of kind people in this community you just have to find them, which is not that difficult.

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Perfect translation, I understand, thank you for what you have written …

It is frustrating to race with idiots. There are times you’ll get on and everyone is behaving. But more times than not there is at least ONE idiot in the group. What sucks is if the idiots are really fast. Well actually for me that’s not usually bad because I’m normally either at the back or mid pack. There are times when a faster guy shoved me off violently a purposely because he might have been irritated with trying to get around me. Sometimes it’s just because I was on the brakes earlier than they might usually be at a certain corner and I got rear ended.

But yeah, the dive bombers all need to be banned!!! :slight_smile:

All mistakes can happen, I am the first, I can say that even if unintentionally I hurt the race to another pilot, before I slow down steep to return the lost position, and at the end of the race immediately write a message “Sorry please,” I know that my behavior and this brings me to the last position in the race, but that does not change me life, I prefer to have many friends and enemies …
I hope this time google translator has done his duty;-)

I was racing last night in B class and was impressed with everyone in each race. Well, there was one guy who was a little shovey, but overall a very good experience. Almost all seemed to be very interested in racing appropriately. And yeah, mistakes can happen. When we are learning the tracks, it’s easy to take a corner too wide because we have too much speed. And if the racing is tight, it might have us bump another. I’m getting better at using the toggle switch and mirrors to watch others around me. I usually try very hard to stay away from someone, even if I have to lose a position. But that doesn’t mean I’ve never hit anyone on accident. But not on purpose. Usually you can tell the people that don’t know the tracks a little into the race. Because they are usually in the back of the pack after a bit, and they are usually all over the place. LOL.

I’m usually towards the back of the pack, but trying to drive clean. And it just depends on how many guys are in there and how fast they are. We had one race last night that there were 3 of us and our best lap times were all within a second of each other at Sunset. So it was a good race. The thing that makes it hard is the disparity of cars. Like mine was faster on the oval than one guy, but slower than the other. They both were faster on the infield, but kind of sloppy so I kept up with them because they were going off corners a bit here and there. So it makes for a dicey situation it you’re not paying attention.

But as I said, when you get on and everyone is driving good. It is LOADS of fun.