Windows 10 streaming problem with Forza 6

My tv had some issues this weekend, so I decided to use the windows 10 streaming with the Xbox app. I found that if I use the wireless controller with my rechargeable pack Forza will not work, I can’t use any of the buttons. To get it to work I had to stop streaming, shut off the Xbox and remove the battery from the controller and use the usb cable plugged into my laptop. I was then able to load up forza using the wired controller method an it worked. i can’t figure out why I can’t use my controller with wireless on Forza 6 when i stream on my laptop, all of my other games work with no problems.

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Bump, I know this is old. I’m having a similar problem. If I start up FM6 on my X1, I can play just fine on my TV, with the Xbox wireless controller. If I stop playing on my TV/put my X1 to sleep, then start streaming the game from a W10 PC, I can’t play with a X1 wired controller - the game streams fine, but the inputs on the controller don’t register. I have to quit the game, then start up FM6 again. Same thing, if I put my X1 to sleep (via streaming), and go back to my TV to play FM6, I can’t. The game starts fine, but it doesn’t detect the controller.

This seems to only affect FM6, and just to make it clear, I’m using two different controllers. The one connected to the X1 is the MS Xbox One wireless controller, and the one hooked up to my PC is also an MS Xbox One wireless controller, but plugged in via microUSB.

I had the same problem.

To fix it:
Go to Xbox One Home → Settings ->All Settings → Kinnect & Devices → Devices & Accessories → Xbox One Wireless Controller → Assign to Someone
And select your user.
You need to do it everytime then your Xbox One or PC you use to streem is restarted.

I’ve seen this too - when basically just using my laptop as a screen but still sitting close enough to the X1 to use the wireless controller.

I find that if I quit Forza and restart it a couple of times it works OK after that. I’m pretty sure it’s only the garage screen that doesn’t work though - if I stop streaming and click to the main menu “blind”, then reconnect streaming, everything seems to work fine.

hi guys,

does anyone know how i can play split screen, while only having one MS wireless controller and a wired xbox 360 controller?

When i stream the game, i plug in the wired controller to laptop but both are detected as Player 1, even if i restart the game.

i have also tried removing battery pack from the wireless controller and then plugging both controllers to my laptop but still they are both detected as Player 1.

any hacks for this?

Although a dated topic I have to post a thank you to Zedeeyen, your tip was for me the winner. assigning to a player as suggested in the post above that didn’t work as mine where aready assigned and kept having the issue