Win PC Hot Wheels owners seeing HW purchase screen

If you have installed the content update to the most recent game version, and your account history shows you own the Hot Wheels Expansion, but are seeing the purchase screen when you try entering the Hot Wheels point on the map, please try these steps for a client repair:

Opening Windows Settings > Apps > Gaming Services > Advanced Options > Repair

If that is unsuccessful then the team would like to have you submit a ticket at Forza Support to track this issue.

This “solution” does nothing, players reinstalled the game and it doesn’t help…

I went to submit a new ticket and it was already marked solved when I arrived…


If you’re encountering this issue then please buy expansion again. Thank you for your monies.

If only, You can’t buy it second time :slight_smile:

found possible solution on ws ratings:
When installing, app makes 2nd folder “Forza Horizon 5 - How Wheels”. looks like If you combine this folder with the main “Forza Horizon 5” all sould be fixed. but it doent seem like full time fix coz game got deleted after pc restart

not working here, still says I need to install it even thought it is installed on my pc…

Same here. Can play premium with hot wheels just fine on xbox one x but nothing on PC - always says ‘please install’ but then ‘already purchased’.

Something was fixed, I can play HW now - didn’t reinstall, just tried today and it worked.

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Keep in mind that reinstalling does not always clean up old data. I’ve had at least three situations where besides a repair or reset of the App’s settings I needed to remove either cached data from disk or registry keys.
XBox seems to handle things better than PC.

I have tried every solution that I could find posted nothing has worked.
I even went as far as formatting my system reinstalled everything still goes to upsell page.
I bought premium edition i have received everything so far included in that package.
It is posted in the known issues list so they are very aware of it 2 weeks still no fix.
I started a ticket and I had 18 emails back and forth but the last one pi**ed me off.
I was asked to start a microsoft feedback hub what are they just passing the buck.
Is there only a few of us that get this error or thousands.
If you have this error please reply and we will see the true numbers

English is not my first language, sorry for only simple descriptions.

I solved the error through managing my ms store authorize devices list, because I found my list is full, and my new pc is not in the list.
I removed one of my old device, and sign in the store again, then the DLC can launch. I just sent the method to support team but they did nothing at all.

  1. Check the ms store authorize devices list page

  2. Check your PC is in the list, if not, add it.

我有找到一個方法可以解決這問題,請檢查微軟市集管理授權裝置數量的頁面,確認自己目前遊玩的裝置是否存在清單內,我是從清單內發現自己的新電腦並未出現在其中且數量已滿,從清單內移除舊裝置並且重新登入微軟市集,更新後的清單內若有出現新裝置,就可以正常運作HW DLC了。


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