Win an Award

…& then directly after, Mess Up the game Completely for the players… If i didn’t have the digital download of this game, i would Snap this disc!
I guess Fortune Island, was not so Fortunate to us, seeing that it keeps disconnecting & kicking us out of the game. Just got kicked out now, while doing a Championship, which i’m trying to complete…, but do u want me to complete it? i guess not (while lauging in u’r cubicles about our problems…, u’ve won an Award, why should u care!) Want proof that i got disconnected during the race? Why not submit a “Support” Ticket to me & i’ll provide u with it (in less than 6 weeks)
If all this kicking me out of the game messes up my External Hard Drive or My PRECIOUS Save, are You gonna Refund me with it (in the EXACT state i left it last?)

…Looking forward to the Next Game-breaking DLC

Thanks for the information. If you are experiencing any issues or crashes or want to give any more suggestions, you can submit a ticket here.