Win 10 Build 1511 - Error 0x80240024

So I also had the problem with the greyed out download button, but I updated my build to 1511 and installed all available updates afterwards.

I was kinda happy to see that the button now wasnt greyed out but after 2 secs it said Try again. Error 0x80240024.
Then I tried all the fixes I could find for this problem and none of them worked.

Does anybody have a solution to this?

regards panande

You can check that:

Your region is set correctly:

Start - Settings - Time & language - Region & language.

Developer Settings:

Start - Settings - Update & Security - For Developers

Set to Windows Store Apps.

Try installing the app again after a reboot.

My region was set correctly to germany and I already had my developer settings set to windows store apps :confused: