Will you pre-order H5?

But but but what about all the cool extras you get when pre-ordering??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I agree. H4 was the 1st game I preordered in years and I regret it every day. Never again.

Yes I’ll pre-order FH5, I’m loving FH4. (my first ever pre-ordered game)

I don’t normally preorder games, but I made that mistake with FH4 after how much I enjoyed the earlier Horizon games.

Even if FH5 is the absolute best game ever, I’m not going to preorder it since there’s no way to know before launch if it actually lives up to any of the marketing hype. If it’s absolutely amazing game, it will be worth paying full price for immediately after launch regardless of preorder discounts/bonuses. If not, then I just saved myself a pile of cash and I can still pick up the game on sale later if the devs fix things (which they still haven’t really done with FH4).

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I’m sure I will, considering I have nearly enough rewards points banked right now to buy an ultimate edition without paying a dime.