Will VIP Membership Code from Japan work in NTSC console

Hey - I have a question(s) about Forza 3 VIP membership in an effort to get a Unicorn car to import into Forza 4.

  1. If I get an unused code for VIP membership in FM3 from a japan area game, can I use that code in a North American NTSC console and still get the code to work? I know the game will not work.

  2. If the code does work, is the content available to download? I’m trying to put the pieces together from all the threads about unicorn cars, still unclear to me.

Can someone who knows the answer please get back to me on this? I like to complete all the achievements in games, and FM4 isn’t showing as having any unobtainables.


snowowl may be able to explain this one better than me but I know that a Japanese vip code will not work in an ntsc console and because all dlc for forza3 has been end of lifed and removed from the marketplace ANY unused game codes to also be invalid the only way to get vip is to already have it sorry man if any other questions try to pm snowowl he may be busy but he is willing to help in any way he can also unicorn cars were officially retired as of july 8 2015 so they are no longer being gifted to the community the will not be issuing a patch for this or an update

I can’t understand how Microsoft or the gaming community allows developers to make achievements obsolete. If they discontinue content they should be forced to unlock the achievement for everyone upon playing the game. Another broken game on my card to join Ghostbusters. I will absolutely not be supporting Turn 10 in any future purchase.

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