Will Turn10 do anything about the rammers?

Currently im in a open track day lobby and two guys have teamed up to ram the lobby. their gamer tags are @ajg and @HeMens aPuff. Im looking for a place to contact turn10 to let them know about the rammers but it seems theyve removed thier email because thier game is so toxic and they dont want to deal with it. Ive bought every forza game since the xbox 360 fm4 edition. ive been playing forza motorsports games since i was a kid and I dont need it to be ruined by people who are only out to cause trouble. i totally understand a bad driver. If you hit me a couple times i wont get mad because thats racing, but i will not stand for someone out to get the lobby. i have a screen recording of all the ramming. id love it if someone from turn 10 would get back to me before i delete the game again out of frustration. we need a real contact for turn 10 or this game will go down the drain.

Short answer no, god willing in the next game. They all have multiple gamer tags anyway so it is difficult.
Use this link to report a player.

You are not allowed to shame people on this forum.

thank you! I’m uninstalling the game as we speak! Until someone at turn10 contacts me I’m done with the game, id recommend asseto corsa to anyone who wants a game that’s rammer free. I haven’t had one problem with the drivers in that game, If turn10 wants to neglect fm7 ill absolutely go to a different game. I also don’t care about shaming at this point. If you cant drive right you have no right wrapping a 200k+ USD car.

Its sad because I enjoy driving cars in Forza motorsport 7 but I’ve decided to uninstall the game due to rammers. if turn10 wants to ignore people trying to play their game i can ignore their game forever. until they ban the two people i want banned i wont play the game. Its a shame they don’t care about the real players of the game, after buying the ultimate edition for multiple different games I’m done with the franchise. If i spent over $800 on the game and console I expect it to be playable. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced something like this since I’ve redownloaded the game on pc but its been the worst I’ve seen, If turn10 has no problem ignoring it I have no problem ignoring them. one again I have Asseto Corsa and the newest project cars. I’m not afraid to never play this game ever again.

I enjoy the ghost lobbies in leagues etc.

I would enjoy them if Forza actually added rules to them. You can’t get a first place finish without cheating and cutting corners since dirty lap times don’t actually hinder your final score position. For the first few ghost races I did in League I played the tracks super careful to not get a dirty lap cause I saw everyone else cutting corners, I figured I’d get first place since my laps weren’t dirty. Instead I got 6th place under 5 people’s dirty total lap times. I’ve since started racing dirty laps and have actually won a few times but I don’t like learning how to race tracks in the most optimal dirtiest way possible. It’s like unlearning everything I’ve done on rivals.

T10 is not ignoring the problem. The race marshal group files dozens of reports DAILY, and there are dozens more filed by players through the support site as well. You also will never know if someone is banned, as that is never made public. The marshal group simply cannot be in every lobby 24/7, it’s just not possible. Rather than bash T10 and uninstall the game, why not use the above link to report these players yourself? You all have the ability to report bad behavior in the lobbies through the support site. Maybe if the community at large took a more active role in helping out, it would send a message to these types of players that they are not welcomed in the game, and won’t be tolerated anymore.

I would suggest sticking to the 2 penalty hoppers the Endurance GT hopper (this one has sim damage on) and the leagues if you want the least ramming. I commend what they have tried to do but nothing has changed and now there are more because of the game pass.


Sadly this is also true. Same as when they had the free play weekend. It attracts a certain element to the game, one’s who didn’t pay for it and don’t care if they get banned. Just out to cause whatever trouble they can until they get caught. They have no real interest in owning the game.


You can in fact get first in a ghost hopper/league without cheating, Stop cutting, you are only hurting yourself and seriously annoying any person not cutting around you. The faster the class the more cutting you will come across and the more it will help them. Cutting will not work in the lower classes very well however especially if you do not use assists. Also you can spectate obvious cutting tracks like Yas Marina or you can qualify for a good starting position for the next time instead. There is a cutter who could beat me in say Forza GT but any lower than R class I never see him and he was well in the back. Race the other clean guys and try not to worry about the cutters. I know it can be hard to ignore them but try. Even if they win it isn’t legit if they are on a different track than everyone else. They have only won in their own mind. You will not improve by cutting. They cannot take easy turns because they have never learned to. By not cutting you will improve faster and get faster more quickly than the cutters. They will never improve. Never. Once in a while you get an expert cutter but that is rare. I don’t know what league division you are in but if you get to Pinnacle the clean racers almost always win. Yes there are still cutters but most cannot get near the top few guys. Do not cut other clean guys at least if you do not take my advice. Once you do that you are no better than those you complain about. Being clean you may also win the respect of the other clean racers and make some friends. Friends that will help you get faster. Look at those cutters profiles you will not see many friends. These are the same guys who would ram you in a collision race.

The League ghost race usually picks R, S or A where cutting with those cars works in there favor cause they don’t get slowed down too much from cutting. If it’s B or lower then yeah they get slowed down enough to hurt their times. But there’s way too many tracks with corners that have no barrier to really hinder cutters or sand/grass to slow them down. Sometimes they win by 10 whole seconds just by cutting corners and especially cutting snake sections. If I was cutting in the race below race I could have easily beat these guys cause they sucked at sharp corners. But that’s what I mean, you’re at a disadvantage for playing clean most of the time. And since you’re on ghost races you won’t be able to stop them. At least in the spec sim races I can force them to take an outside corner by taking the inside on the turn so they can’t cut a corner. But ghost races you’re either damned if you do damned if you don’t.

Here’s what almost every ghost League race looks like for me :frowning:

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