Will T10 make FM 2 available on PC

As we know FM 2 is the best racing sim ever its the only game Forza ever made so will they please make it available for PC . Since FM 2 Froza has gone down hill : For me to play FM 8 The following are must .

1 Get rid of the storefronts and have car actions only .

2 Have no limits on what people can set their starting bid at .

3 Allow people to gift cars to who ever they want .

4 have player controlled community races where the person who starts it sets all the restrictions and options .

5 In Career mode the race restrictions are based on class not division .

Never going to make it for pc. All this woke pandering needs to stop

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The best way to create a lasting legacy for your brand in my view is to make it as accessible as possible in its entirety.

The 360 Forzas are still hailed as all time classics, and can even be credited with raising interest in real life car and motorsport culture.

Unfortunately, those who missed out on them the first time or younger players who are just starting to learn about them have no way to access the full FM3 or FM4 experiences unless they attempt to conduct certain hardware and software methods that may or may not work.

Some content in those games has still not made its way to current Forzas, and is therefore now lost forever. New players will never get to experience FM3 or FM4 in their entirety.

If anyone from Turn 10 reads this, please consider relisting all of the DLC for these Xbox 360 games if full remasters are too resource intensive. You all already seem to have the licenses for all of their cars and have cultivated good relationships with their manufacturers.

I’m sure the budget to do this is there, as well.

Embracing your history in this way would only prove positive in the long run and get people more excited about upcoming Forza offerings so they can see how technology and design philosophies have progressed over the years.

When they didn’t manage to keep FM7 for sale and shift deleted it from the store how would they sell older ones?

They have licences for specific cars in a single specific game…whilst I do not know the ins and outs of T10 licensing, I highly doubt they would have a licence to put a specific car in more than one game. So, to relist the DLC, they would need to relicence every single one of those cars…that’s assuming that the manufacturers would be happy to relicence…not taking into account any issues with manufacturers (Fiat and Stellantis as an example), IP changing hands etc. The amount of money it would take would likely not be recouped by purchases.

Beyond that, they would need to do some work to get the game working on modern consoles. The Microsoft backwards Compatibility Program, in total, had 500,000 hours put into making games Back Compat…even assuming (conservatively), say 3,000 (the BC catalogue has just under 5,000 but those include current/upcoming SX/S games that are BC on XB1), that would be 166 hours average…some games may need double or triple that.

There’s an interesting discussion from 8 years ago about BC on Reddit:


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