Will it get better?

Hi all.

I really enjoyed Horizon and ended up playing endlessly on it. The online lobbies were excellent.

I think Horizon 2 that I bought an xbone for is just not as good. I would love to see the online lobbies more like the 1st Horizon and just can’t help but think they really need to sort this out.
Why can’t we change the car for the next event? Why can’t we just have race lobbies? I personally dislike the other games such as infected!

To be honest I am very close to giving the xbone to the kids and just getting back to my Jasper where life was fun and gaming was a thrill.

Anyone else feel the same? Or am I just doing it all wrong and I can change cars or go in race only lobbies.

(Bring back (Anti) Social racing. PLEASE

My cure to all things Forza Horizon 2 online has been creating private free roam lobbies in which I can select the events and car classes I and my peers choose to run. To that end, you should try to populate your friends list with others that share your same thoughts and dictate the online experience based on what you want to do.

Based on my online experience, most seasoned users have given the controllers over to the little kids. There is no other experience like it where you can hear some little kids mommy cheering.

So, are you suggesting that children shouldn’t be permitted to play videogames - particularly those that are rated ‘E’ for everyone? Again, befriending likeminded or similarly skilled gamers for the purposes of creating your own private lobby is an available option. If you don’t care for the public, quit joining a public online feature.

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You’re not doing it wrong. But for quick races try a Car Meet. Wait for the SHOWDOWN option to appear…sometimes it takes a couple minutes because players are already racing. You can choose any car you want between races.

Also, I’m with you on Infected and King. Hate those. And really undecided about Horizon 2 de-emphasizing actually winning races in favor of earning XP.

I have kids of my own, and have nothing against them or having them play on line. In addition to hearing young kids voices coming out of my console, I also hear others with the dirtiest mouths you can imagine. It is a darn good thing that my kids are old enough and smart enough to not repeat this language.

My point was that the system could do a better job of matching people to race.