Wil this be like GT7 and require always online connection?

Basically says it all, I just want to know if this is going to be like Gran Turismo 7 and always require your console to be online? I’m curious because that was an absolute dealbreaker for me when it came to Forza’s rival. I passed on the title because of that nonsense. If anyone knows whether or not this game will also require an always on-line console just to even be able to play the single-player campaign or not. If not? I’ll be buying this. If so? Hard pass. Always-online titles just don’t work for me.

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Hard to say. Its been ages since Ive played Forza offline.

However my internet is out now and I can only play games I have in physical form. Digitally putchases games arent working.

Also you probably wont get any achievement pops as they are held in a que until you get online. There is a limit, but cant remember how many you can have in the que.