Wierdest thing ever for me

A friend and I ran into the weirdest thing I have ever seen on Xbox yesterday. We were in a party together but not a convoy, I was working on Drift zones and he was finishing up his Drift club events. As I was finishing up the zone I was in, he was finishing his last mission and I all of a sudden I got the “Do you know what ‘DK’ stands for?” Achievement. He was the one doing the event, I had only done the first chapter so far and for some reason it gave me HIS Achievement. I decided to go and do the events to see if it would rectify the problem but it hasn’t. He is now stuck with not getting the Achievement.
I honestly do not even know how this could happen, I know it is not a Forza problem and it would seem to be an Xbox problem. I was on PC and he was on his Xbox.

As you were working on Drift Zones, I think you just unlocked the achievement yourself. It’s for reaching level 10 in the Horizon life stories section ‘The Drift Run’ - not to do with the drift club

Oh Snap, didn’t even notice that. I thought that achievement was for the Drift Club.