Why YOU should use normal steering! (controller)

So it seems that most of the beginning drifters or just in general people that are good at the game but have problems drifting are using SIMULATION steering. (<— info learned from friends)
Here’s the problem with that, SIMULATION steering is for one to one direct steering meant for WHEELS, now of course you can use simulation steering for regular races and etc. but drifting is all about being smooth, the only way to properly do that is with normal steering, NORMAL steering is meant for controllers it makes everything smoother, trust me go and pick your fave drift car and enable normal steering and tell me the output.

Of course lots of purists might think this is wrong as they only play the game with every single assist off, as do I but trust me I have spent hours trying to tune cars so simulation steering would work, but it doesn’t, it always ends up the same, drifting, drifting, drifting, SNAP! the weight transfers over too quickly and boom you’re in a wall like I said earlier, IT IS MEANT FOR WHEELS.

This is of course just a personal experience that I spent about 5-6 hours on and everything is up to you. But honestly, whats the harm in just trying normal steering for once?

From my personal experience, wheel drifters don’t even use simulation steering. I have thrustmaster tx and I just stick to normal steering. Waaay smoother… However drifting is still broken for wheel drifters. Forza 6 lacks Responsive FFB at 900 degrees rotation. Forza 6 rendered our wheels useless… Stuck at 270 degrees of rotation because FFB is weak and not responsive.

I have been trying to drift using simulation for weeks now and have never managed to get smooth drifts at all. No matter what car and setup I use, it just snaps back everytime. I switched over to Normal just yesterday and used a stock 458 Speciale. Right from the first corner I was able to hold smooth drifts. Cant wait to put a proper setup and then give it a go. Thanks for the post!

Yeah the main noticeable difference between the 2 settings I found was the snap oversteer you get from sim steering. You can still drift with it but you have to be much more sensitive and progressive with the analogue. Better to leave it off sim steering seen as it’s only 2% bonus.