Why they did downgrade the rain?

I just redownloaded the F7 demo on PC and compared the rain effects to the ones in the full game under similar conditions. Same video quality settings (fixed on ultra, disabled any dynamic changing of settings), tested the same car (the Nissan Nismo race car) from the demo on the same track (GP Nurburgring) and set the rain to “heavy rain” on all three available weather slots.

There’s definitely a difference in rain effects on the windshield. It seems they improved some part of the effect: I think the way the “thick” water drops react to wind, cornering, acceleration is better than in the demo, also, there appears to be more of them. But then there’s the “fine spray” buildup in between wipes that appears to be missing in the full game, as well as the edge area of the windshield where the wipers cannot reach. In the demo (you also can see it in the video you’ve linked), there’s lots and lots of fine water droplets there which limit visibility, also somewhat interacting with the thicker droplets running into those corners. Simply put, the wipers’ reach is clearly visible in the demo, but the effect is greatly muted in the full game.

Thanks, man, now I can’t unsee it.

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Yes, it struck me the moment I drove in the rain when launching the VIP game on friday sep 29th.
Thinking, this is not like the demo? I find the rain in the demo version much more realistic, with the fine water spray on the screen next to the wiped area.
In the full game we see nothing like that, only drops of water sliding of the screen next to the wipers.
I also believe that there were more water puddles on the track in the demo as well. much more slippery I mean.

Why they did it is anyone’s guess, but surely not because they wanted to maintain the 60 FPS mark in the game.
Both XBone and PC showed us it played great at 60 FPS and on high settings too on PC.
It doesn’t matter if the final game is 30 GB, 60 GB, 100 GB or even 200 GB.
It showed us that the hardware could handle the demo, didn’t it?

PC version of demo had lots of stutter during the rainy race with Nismo. I just checked it with a similar setup in the full game, Nissan Nismo on Nürburgring GP, 23 drivatars, and it did not have those stutters. I just want the rain of demo back, it was so beautiful, I’m even OK with the stutters.

Side note: My rig is more than enough to handle the game under any circumstances, 6700K, GTX 1070, 16 gigs of ram.

Maybe the game could not handle it when you are in last place in cockpit view. Or under certain rain conditions. Forza is optimized for 60 fps under all circumstances, so if they reduced the effect it was probably because of performance. Or because some target user group complained about visibility. :smiley:

FM6 was rightly praised for its rain effect (the one from the demo) on the windshield. It is really immersive.
Downgrading something essential as this, especially when weather (rain) becomes even more important and pronounced in FM7 in combination with the new dashcam, is quite mind boggling.

The downgraded effect looks ok-ish in FM7 when full monsoon is happening. But as long it is not fully raining (which it is most of the time when it rains), it looks very poor. It almost always looks like it is just dribbling outside, but you can hear and see the opposite. And that works not in favor of the immersion.

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Yep, I think you’re right, making a turn with the side of your windows full of spray could limit your vision.
But Turn 10 wants to “simulate”… isn’t that the point? … that the spray limits your vision a bit?
That makes it more fun and more beautiful.

I’ve tested it today and made some clips form my Xbox One S.

Forza 6 cockpit view in rain
Forza 7 Cockpit view in heavy rain

There is a noticeable difference on the windshield. The side windows are kinda similar, but the front has way less raindrops and no streaks. The difference on the areas that dont get touched by the wiper is huge in my opinion.

But I’ve also discovered something else by random. On Maple Valley we got a bridge that has a roof. However, in cockpit view you don’t really notice that. Rain keeps on falling down on you, even if there shouldn’t be. The game doesn’t recognize that, right? Yes it does. If you are in an external view, there are no raindrops on your lens. It’s just the cockpit that’s not affected by the change. Here you can see the rain in tunnel. So the problem got noted, but not solved completely.


I also noticed the downgrade, I play on PC on ultra settings

Yep, noticed it today too. I love the game but it’s pretty scummy to show it off in the demo & also the fact forza 6 had it, then just swap it out for a really rubbish looking version. As someone that uses cockpit mode a lot it’s a total step backwards. The windshield effects in the demo were what i expect from a current generation title (though 2014’s driveclub did an even better job then even forza 7’s demo). It was a good solid effect in the demo now swapped out for something from a last generation title. Disappointing.


Don’t know. In official trailer it seems downgraded… well, even wipers don’t work

I have played the demo and have the full game now, and I see no difference in the rain effect on the windows.

Hey guys! In the final game there is many levels of rain.
The demo was the highest level. In custom offline race, you can set the same levels as the demo and you will got the samr effect on the windshield. So, don’t talk before testing 100%. Just check the " advanced meteo " options in single mode. Career will also have these dramatic rain as the demo.

Already tried all rain settings (Heavy rain, storm with/without lightning etc) and nothing is like the demo. You should try yourself too, you will notice the differences between the demo and the full game.

I immediately noticed how the tracks and cars looked better in the demo. All I can say is that these days when you buy a Forza game you can sure as heck expect disappointments right out of the box.

There were also no skid marks in the demo if you recall. Even in the full game, cars sometimes leave skid marks, sometimes don’t. In a Free Play hot lap race, my Corvette was not even leaving any tire smoke. Either the game just has too many bugs or they have kept the 60 fps lock as top priority, which I think is good, very good.

This feels like a early access game Turn 10 should be ashamed everytime i play the game i get CTD

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What’s CTD?

Definitely a change. I remember being wowed in the demo with the rain on the windshield. No doubt about it, it’s been scaled back from the demo.

The reality is the rain was never that good in the first place. To me it looks like transparent little balls moving over the windscreen. You’ll also notice that as the windscreen wipers wipe the water off they don’t leave streaks of water from the ends of the windscreen wipers (I think it does that in Project Cars 2). Might it be that Forza 7 was rushed (released before it was even finished)? I think so because would better water effects on the glass really effect the performance that much? That as well as the cartoony look of the game (maybe it’s the way cars shine because other games do that far better as well). Oh well if Turn 10 got they’re act together this could be all fixed in a patch. But then again it will probably be released in a downloadable pack or something that will cost you a bit of cash. So it will cost you more money to actually get a finished game (the way it should have been on release day). Maybe they’re just holding it off until Forza 8 so that Turn 10 can boast about it in interviews. “Look now we’ve got cool rain effects in Forza 8.” Cool rain effects that other games already had several years before it. Or maybe it’s the Xbox One X… Maybe it’s nowhere near as good as Microsoft was telling us it would be. If it was then why was everything downgraded? I believe everything was downgraded just so the Xbox One X can push it to 4K. How many people do you even know that have a 4K TV? Seems to me like it was a useless decision. Oh well if everything turns out alright it will be fixed in a free update ;o). I’m gonna play Forza 6 now just to see how good the rain was in that game and then Forza Apex…

Did you even read the thread? The whole thing exists because the Forza 7 demo has the things you complain about and the full game does not.

I will try to play the demo soon because I still have it installed on my PC. For a long time I was getting CTD. I would press on the demo and then it would go into a flashing green screen and then CTD. Now that doesn’t happen and it just says press A but when I press A nothing happens and it keeps saying press A. Oh well I will give it another try and see if all the things were really fixed in the demo. If it doesn’t work then I will just play some Assetto Corsa (PC).